Stainless Steel Tea Infuser


This tea infuser is perfectly designed to fit most tea cups, mugs and teapots. Its fine etched hole pattern ensures that your favorite loose tea leaves seep comfortably while containing the fine tea leaf particles effectively, leaving you with nice clear tea every time.

Made of 304 food-grade stainless steel, this tea infuser is non-toxic and durable and is a healthier and more eco-friendly way to enjoy your drink. Besides reducing waste from single-use tea bags and their packaging, you will also avoid the microplastics that is released in your drink from the polypropylene used to make most teabags.

This practical tea infuser features a lid that retains heat and double as a drip tray. Just remove the lid when your tea is ready and use the lid to hold the basket. No mess, no stress!

This tea infuser also comes with silicone touchpads that remain cool to the touch, giving you extra comfort and safety.

Comes with a mesh bag to keep your tea infuser clean and always ready for your use.


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Black, Red


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