Refillable Dental Floss – Vegan Plant Based


The reusable container colour is inspired by Maine’s forest. Includes one eco-friendly vegan dental floss container with two 30 metre spools of biodegradable vegan plant based polylacticacid floss.

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Dental Lace is a unique eco-friendly dental floss, produced in Maine, USA.

The floss is made of vegan polylacticacid floss. The floss is stored in beautiful reusable glass jars (1/2 x 2 inches in size), with a stainless steel lid that contains the floss cutter.

The boxes that the jars and refills are stored in are made from 100% post-consumer fibre that is certified FSC and PCF free, and manufactured using renewable biogas energy.

Inside the box, the floss is stored in certified compostable polylactide bags (plant-based).


Dental Lace


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